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Top Analyst Reports for Apple, Mastercard & 3M

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 2:12pm

Top Analyst Reports for Apple, Mastercard & 3M

The Fed says it could speed up rate hikes because of Trump's tax cuts

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 2:00pm

Tax reform could move the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates faster than it anticipates, minutes of the Fed's December meeting showed. The central bank's minutes showed that most officials were in favor of continuing to raise borrowing costs slowly.

Why This Is the Perfect Level to Buy Celgene Corporation Stock

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 1:45pm

When investors are looking for high growth and reasonable valuations in the biotech space, Celgene Corporation (NASDAQ:CELG) is one of the first companies to come to mind. After a slow yet steady bounce, is now the time to buy Celgene? Celgene pulled the plug on two treatments for Crohn’s disease.

McDonald’s Archburger: 12 Things to Know About the New Menu Item

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 1:36pm

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is currently testing out the new menu item at select locations. Here are a few things to know about the McDonald’s Archburger. The McDonald’s Archburger is made with fresh beef that hasn’t been frozen.

The Chevy Bolt is crushing the Tesla Model 3 (GM, TSLA)

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 1:36pm

Chevy sold over 3,000 Bolts in December. Tesla will likely sell fewer Model 3's than that for the entire fourth quarter. If the sales trend continues, Chevy could be selling 5,000 Bolts every month by mid-2018.

Powerball and Mega Millions have both passed $400 million — here are the first 2 things the winners should do

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 12:59pm

The Powerball and Mega Millions lottery jackpots are over $400 million each. The winners should also consult a trusted financial planner and lawyer before claiming the prize. The Mega Millions jackpot climbed to $418 million, and the Powerball lottery has an unclaimed pool of $460 million as of Wednesday morning.

Steve Bannon says he's certain that Trump met with Russians who were at Trump Tower in 2016

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 12:35pm

Steve Bannon reportedly said there's "zero" chance that Donald Trump Jr. didn't bring the Russian attendees of the Trump Tower meeting to see his father.

Hungary, Poland Band Together Against EU Leaders

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 12:05pm

Jan.03 -- Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban intends to fight European Union actions against Poland's voting rights as the nation is accused of failing to uphold the bloc's values. Bloomberg's Zoltan Simon reports on Bloomberg Markets.

Look at These Incredible Photos of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 11:49am

Look at These Incredible Photos of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket

Elon Musk is trying to recruit people to work at Tesla's giant battery factory in the middle of the Nevada desert (TSLA)

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 11:17am

Elon Musk went on Twitter to promote job openings for Tesla's Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada. The factory is used to make battery cells and drivetrains for the company's electric cars. While Tesla has struggled to produce its first mass-market electric car, the Model 3, so far, Musk hopes to accelerate production in 2018.

Taco Bell is launching Nacho Fries in bid to win the Dollar Menu war

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 11:00am

Taco Bell will begin selling Nacho Fries for a limited time starting Jan. 5 in a bid to be consumers' go-to value and flavor destination.

Cramer: You can make a fortune off of Byron Wien's predic...

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:17am

CNBC's Jim Cramer discusses Blackstone's Byron Wien's stock picks for 2018.

Protesters projected a sign on Twitter’s headquarters after Trump’s latest tweets about nuclear war: ‘Jack is complicit’

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 10:08am

On Tuesday night in San Francisco, protesters projected a message directed at Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Twitter's main building. The message said "@jack is #complicit," a reference to Twitter refusing to ban President Donald Trump from the social media platform. The group claiming responsibility says, "@jack breaks the rules of his own company, Twitter, to amplify a madman and endanger the world.

Caterpillar Inc. Has Finally Reached a Top

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 9:45am

Shares of Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE:CAT) had quite a 2017, rising nearly 70% for the year. This made Caterpillar the second-best-performing Dow Jones Industrial Average stock for 2017. While Caterpillar has certainly been on a major rally until the past few days, the fundamentals certainly aren’t supportive of such a move higher.

Bullish on ONEOK, Inc.? You'll Love These Stocks

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 8:32am

It’s easy to love the fast-growing high yield offered by this pipeline stock. However, these rivals provide similarly strong prospects for a cheaper price.

2 Democrats to be sworn in as senators, narrow GOP majority

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 7:43am

Two new Democrats will be sworn in to the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, narrowing the Republican majority and complicating efforts by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to advance the White House's legislative ...

Skip the restaurant and save by making this Italian dish at home

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 6:59am

Instead of placing a delivery order, consider whipping up this delicious, inexpensive potato gnocchi.

Reports of Peter Thiel's big bet on bitcoin sends cryptoc...

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 6:50am

Thiel coming into the space is just another way of showing people are making money, says David Drake, LDL Capital chairman, discussing the future of digital currencies.

First Solar vs SunPower: Who Makes Better Panels for Solar Farms?

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 6:18am

A new product from SunPower could position the company to compete with First Solar's new solar product.

North Korea Calls Hotline to South for the First Time in Two Years

Top Finance News - Wed, 01/03/2018 - 3:07am

North Korean officials made initial contact on Wednesday with counterparts in South Korea on holding talks aimed at attending the Winter Olympics next month.